Reconditioning Batteries | EZ Battery Reconditioning | Make Battery Like New

The purpose of reconditioning batteries is to recharge the batteries and not to spend money on new battery to replace the old one. The process is called EZ battery reconditioning and helps people save money. EZ battery reconditioning is a solution to recharge dead batteries. You are able to recharge all sort of batteries like car batteries, power tool batteries, motorcycle batteries, laptop batteries, phone batteries and more. It is very simple and does not need many materials.

The 4 basic pillars on working of reconditioning batteries

There is a detailed step by step guide that was written by Tom Ericson but the these are the 4 main parts.

Get the required tools and materials

[The first step in reviving a battery is to collect all tool and materials to start the reconditioning.]

Examine and Analysis the batteries

[Make sure the batteries can be reconditioned and renewed. Tom Ericson guide will be able to help you find the batteries that be reconditioned. Having the right batteries that can be reconditioned can save time and money.]

Follow the detailed guide to restoring the died battery

[In Tom Ericson guide he has many pictures make it easier to understand and start the process on battery reconditioning.]

Make Profit

[With this you can earn thousands of dollars by selling old reconditioned batteries in the market.]

Tips and Warning on Reconditioning Batteries

  • Put the battery on it charger for four nights to make sure it restored to its maximum.
  • To lower the chance of losing performance put car batteries on trickle chargers if it will be charging for several weeks. Warnings
  • Do not put any batteries close to flames because the batteries contain sulfuric acid.
  • Make sure to use only distilled water and not tap water because it can damage the battery.

Pros and Cons on Battery Reconditioning


  • You never have to buy another battery again and you are able to renew old batteries for a lifetime.
  • With the knowledge of reconditioning batteries, you can get cheap died batteries and recondition them.
  • It guarantees a lifetime of profit and never needing to buy another battery
  • Using this can help the environment


  • Need to understand difficult techniques to complete the process
  • Getting the detailed guide comes with a price


All in all the EZ batteries reconditioning should be a program that everyone should use to learn how to save money and reuse old dead batteries. Also, the program helps make a profit and the pros outweigh the cons. There is no reason to avoid using this way to recondition batteries.