Read Through the Bible // November

At the beginning of the year, we challenged you to join us on a yearlong journey through the Scripture. Are you ready to start this month’s adventure?

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Nov. 1: Lamentations 2; 2 Timothy 4
Nov. 2: Lamentations 3; Titus 1
Nov. 3: Lamentations 4; Titus 2
Nov. 4: Lamentations 5; Titus 3
Nov. 5: Ezekiel 1–2; Philemon
Nov. 6:  Ezekiel 3–5; Hebrews 1
Nov. 7: Ezekiel 6–7; Hebrews 2
Nov. 8: Ezekiel 8–10; Hebrews 3
Nov. 9: Ezekiel 11–12; Hebrews 4
Nov. 10: Ezekiel 13–14; Hebrews 5
Nov. 11: Ezekiel 15–16; Hebrews 6
Nov. 12: Ezekiel 17–18; Hebrews 7
Nov. 13: Ezekiel 19–20; Hebrews 8
Nov. 14: Ezekiel 21–22; Hebrews 9
Nov. 15: Ezekiel 23–24; Hebrews 10
Nov. 16: Ezekiel 25–26; Hebrews 11
Nov. 17: Ezekiel 27–28; Hebrews 12
Nov. 18: Ezekiel 29–30; Hebrews 13
Nov. 19: Ezekiel 31–32; James 1
Nov. 20: Ezekiel 33–34; James 2
Nov. 21: Ezekiel 35–37; James 3
Nov. 22: Ezekiel 38–39; James 4
Nov. 23: Ezekiel 40–41; James 5
Nov. 24: Ezekiel 42–43; 1 Peter 1
Nov. 25: Ezekiel 44–46; 1 Peter 2
Nov. 26: Ezekiel 47–48; 1 Peter 3
Nov. 27: Daniel 1; 1 Peter 4
Nov. 28: Daniel 2; 1 Peter 5
Nov. 29: Daniel 3; 2 Peter 1
Nov. 30: Daniel 4; 2 Peter 2

Points of Interest: Background info you need to know

Here’s the behind-the-scenes info that will help you understand the books of the Bible that you’re reading this month.

LAMENTATIONS: The Book of Lamentations consists of five poems of lament that focus on meeting God in the midst of our pain. Jeremiah is traditionally considered the author of Lamentations.

EZEKIEL: Written by Ezekiel, this book centers around the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. The prophecies of Ezekiel focus on judgment of sins, but the book ends with a promise of restoration and the hope to come.

DANIEL: The Book of Daniel gives us a guide on how to live for God in a hostile culture. It also addresses idols and giving God what belongs to Him. Even though it may be difficult, we must remember that God will honor us when we take a stand for Him.

2 TIMOTHY: You’ll pick up your New Testament reading in Paul’s second letter to Timothy this month. Paul wrote to the younger pastor around A.D. 60-64.

TITUS: Another letter to a pastor, Titus is Paul’s letter to a pastor ministering on the island of Crete. The letter focuses on standards for leaders, sound teaching, and remembering the foundations of our faith.

PHILEMON: Even though Philemon is one of the shortest books in the Bible, its message is very important. In this letter, Paul asked Philemon to receive his runaway slave Onesimus back as a brother in Christ.

HEBREWS: The author of Hebrews is unknown, but we do know that it was a letter to the Hebrews, Jewish Christians who were being persecuted for their faith. As a result, the writer focused on the greatness of God and a strong faith. Hebrews 11 is sometimes called the “Hall of Faith.”

JAMES: The Book of James was written by James, Jesus’ half-brother. The book focuses on how hardships will teach us endurance and stresses not only hearing the Word, but also doing what it says. It touches on other tough issues like controlling the tongue and being humble.

1 & 2 PETER: Peter wrote both of these letters to help believers understand how their lives should be set apart because of their faith. Peter focuses on three “calls”: a call to holiness, a call to self-discipline, and a call to growth.

Need a PDF printable version of our Bible reading plan so you can check off each day? Click here!


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