Read through the Bible // December


At the beginning of the year, we challenged you to join us on a yearlong journey through the Scripture. This month will end our year-long journey through Scripture. Ready?

Dec. 1: Daniel 5–6; 2 Peter 3
Dec. 2: Daniel 7–8; 1 John 1
Dec. 3: Daniel 9; 1 John 2
Dec. 4: Daniel 10–12; 1 John 3
Dec. 5: Hosea 1–3; 1 John 4
Dec. 6: Hosea 4–6; 1 John 5
Dec. 7: Hosea 7–8; 2 John
Dec. 8: Hosea 9–10; 3 John
Dec. 9: Hosea 11–12; Jude
Dec. 10: Hosea 13–14; Revelation 1
Dec. 11: Joel 1–3; Revelation 2
Dec. 12: Amos 1–2; Revelation 3
Dec. 13: Amos 3–4; Revelation 4
Dec. 14: Amos 5–7; Revelation 5
Dec. 15: Amos 8–9; Revelation 6
Dec. 16: Obadiah; Revelation 7
Dec. 17: Jonah 1–4; Revelation 8
Dec. 18: Micah 1–2; Revelation 9
Dec. 19: Micah 3–4; Revelation 10
Dec. 20: Micah 5–7; Revelation 11
Dec. 21: Nahum 1–3; Revelation 12
Dec. 22: Habakkuk 1–3; Revelation 13
Dec. 23: Zephaniah 1–3; Revelation 14
Dec. 24: Haggai 1–2; Revelation 15
Dec. 25: Zechariah 1–3; Revelation 16
Dec. 26: Zechariah 4–5; Revelation 17
Dec. 27: Zechariah 6–8; Revelation 18
Dec. 28: Zechariah 9–11; Revelation 19
Dec. 29: Zechariah 12–14; Revelation 20
Dec. 30: Malachi 1–2; Revelation 21
Dec. 31: Malachi 3–4; Revelation 22

Points of Interest: Background info you need to know

Here’s the behin

d-the-scenes info that will help you understand the books of the Bible that you’re reading this month.

DANIEL: Daniel was a sixth-century B.C. prophet living in Babylon during the time of the exile, and his name means God’s Judge or God Judges. The over-arching theme of the book is hope, specifically the hope that God gives when life is difficult or hard to understand.

THE MINOR PROPHETS: The Books of Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, are generally referred to as the Minor Prophets. Grouped together at the end of the Old Testament, they give us insight into God’s love, justice, and overwhelming mercy.

1 & 2 PETER: Both considered part of the General Epistles, Peter wrote these letters to help believers understand how their faith should set their lives apart from the rest of the world. Peter focuses on three calls in his letter: a call to holiness, a call to self-discipline, and a call to growth.

1,2, & 3 JOHN: Written by John, author of the Gospel of John, this series of letters focuses on the importance of a personal relationship with Christ and how to be discerning and watchful. Third John is a letter written to encourage Gaius, a pastor and friend of John’s.

JUDE: One of the shortest books in the Bible, Jude reminds us that false teaching and heretics are threats to the gospel. This book challenges us to protect the truth and take a stand to defend our faith.

REVELATION: The last book of the New Testament focuses on end times. It was most likely written by the Apostle John while exiled to the island of Patmos. There, he was given a series of visions about end times and commanded to write about them. It also features letters to seven churches and the state of their spiritual health.

Need a reading plan you can print out and check off? Click here!

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