April Music Reviews


Remedy Drive


Centricity Music

ec‘s grade: B+

Remedy Drive have been around in various incarnations since 1998 and have racked up some serious road miles along the way.  Singer David Zach is the only remaining member of the four brothers from Lincoln, Neb. who formed the band. The group has also parted ways with their record label. In that sense, Resuscitate is a fitting name for this project which is performed and sung with the urgency of a comeback record. Don’t call it a comeback, but “Lost Cause” and “Better than Life” pack a punch that a prizefighter would relish and speak of faith, loss, and perseverance that only a band in its 30s can express. Read up on the band at .


ARTIST: Warren Barfield
LABEL: Independent
PROS: Timeless and catchy music. The earthy, mellow, and organic recording style is warm and inviting.
CONS: Barfield doesn’t write to be popular, so don’t expect fist-bumping party music.
TOP SONGS: “The Time is Now,” “Just Let Go,” “Last Try”
THOUGHTS: Barfield, another one of Nashville’s most promising artists, is free from his record deal and has made the album he wants to make.
ec‘s grade: B+

ARTIST: Lifehouse
LABEL: Geffen
PROS: An amazing duet with Natasha Bedingfield, and a generally sunny and happy record.
CONS: In typical Lifehouse style, Wade’s vocal range and melodies can become repetitive
TOP SONGS: “Between the Raindrops” (with Bedingfield), “Only You’re the One”
THOUGHTS: Lifehouse doesn’t make bad records and Almeria is their best project in several years. Hopefully, this will get them back into America’s collective subconscious.
ec‘s grade: A-

ALBUM TITLE: Minneapolis (Live)
LABEL: Independent
PROS: A live set list that fans will adore, the band still has amazing musicianship and this recording proves it.
CONS: At this point, anyone born after 1995 probably has no idea who PFR are.
TOP SONGS: All of them…but especially “Amsterdam” and “Merry Go Round.”
THOUGHTS: Yeah, yeah…so not many people are lining up to download this record, and that’s a shame. PFR was a great Christian band in the 90s, and this record proves they’re still a great band.
ec‘s grade: A

These reviews were written by Randy Williams for the April 2013 issue of ec. Get your subscription ec here:

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