April Reviews // Tech

Pebble Watch

ec‘s grade: A+

The Pebble, one of last year’s biggest crowd-sourcing success stories, has officially started shipping units. It’s a fully digital, smart watch…but this isn’t your father’s wristwatch. Pebble uses e-paper technology (similar to e-readers) that makes the interface completely customizable. Also, since it connects wirelessly to your smart phone, you can check email, texts, caller ID and control your music with a flick of the wrist. Pebble comes with several handy apps too, like a golf range finder, an app for running and cycling, with more on the way. Oh…and they look great too.


Just Dance 4

FEATURES: Two modes of play: Just Dance and Sweat, which is basically just an aerobics workout/measurer
PROS: A party in a box, Just Dance 4 is more about getting folks together than it is genuine competition. It’s especially fun on controller-less gaming systems
CONS: As with previous Just Dance releases, some of the on-screen dancing can border on suggestive and there are several lyrical no-nos (in my opinion) for a game rated E10+
Not so much a game as it is a dance party, Just Dance 4 is a genuinely fun time for most get-togethers. However, if younger players are around, some of the songs and moves are slightly “adult.”
ec‘s grade: B-

NCAA Football 13
EA Sports

FEATURES: The ever popular one-button mode, Dynasty mode, and the new Reaction Time feature with allows a few seconds of slow-motion play to make adjustments on the fly
PROS: As with previous versions of NCAA Football, the game is easier to play than the Madden NFL version.
CONS: Some of the audio features have been altered or ditched, not as slick or photo-perfect as Madden
Obviously, after 13 different versions, NCAA Football isn’t new, but with each installation, the guys at EA Sports continue to improve upon the last.
ec‘s grade: B+



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