Nothing Is Wasted: The editor’s thoughts on the May issue

When someone asks me how I got my job, I usually say something like, “God opened the door.”

There wasn’t one moment in my life when God boldly declared I would be a magazine editor. Instead, God used a bunch of little moments and some things I thought were failures to lead me to this place. There was an internship I didn’t get, a job I was passed over for, and an interview in which I was told that I wasn’t quite qualified for the position. Failures, right? But in that same interview, God opened the door to another opportunity—that eventually led to me becoming the editor of ec.

What I’ve come to understand is that God doesn’t look at things the way I do. He can use the things I think are failures for His glory. While I can see only see a word or two, He sees the whole story. He is in control and can and will use the pieces of my life to achieve His greater purpose. God is writing a bigger story and He’s using my life—and yours—to do it.

God is sovereign and in control. He’s using the good, the bad, and the everyday details of our lives for His glory. We’ll dive into that topic in this month’s issue. Jennifer Denning will tackle it in her cover story, “All Good,” on page 24. You’ll find it woven throughout the devotions and it’s the focus of Will NeSmith’s personal story on page 27. Will Snipes will explore what it really means to trust God. And Cathy Curtis will remind you of

God’s unchanging character—and why that makes Him absolutely trustworthy.

Nothing is wasted in God’s hands. He can use even the most dire circumstances and unlikely events to shine His light in a dark world. Trust Him!



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