About ec

ec magazine encourages and equips students to live lives that honor God and change the world by providing daily devotions and insight on relevant issues.

Production & Ministry Team
Content Editor  Mandy Crow
Graphic Designer  Amy Lyon
Production Editor  Jennifer Hooks
Student Ministry Leader  Paul Turner
Editorial Team Leader  Mike Wakefield

Send questions or comments to:
Mandy Crow, Content Editor
One LifeWay Plaza
Nashville, TN 37234-0144 or mandy.crow@lifeway.com

Management Personnel
Ben Trueblood   Director, Student Ministry
Jeff Pratt   Director, Student Ministry Publishing

One LifeWay Plaza Msn 136 • Nashville, Tn 37234
fax (615) 251-2039
E-mail: magazineadvertising@lifeway.com
Media kits:
director, magazine advertising & circulation, Rhonda Edge Buescher
advertising production  Scott Hancock

LifeWay Students: Helping families and churches lead students to KNOW Christ, OWN their faith, and make their faith KNOWN.


  1. Barbara says:

    Hi, I’m a young writer and I was wondering if you accept freelance work. If you do, where can I find your writers’ guidelines?
    Thank you!

  2. sydnie says:

    here’s a random joke: what do you get when you cross a cow and a smurf? (blue cheese!!!)

  3. says:

    Sending love alllll the way from RWANDA (heart of Africa). Love the magazine! Sadly my latest issue is on….. April 2010! :( Hopefully I (and my youth group) can find a way to get more. Keep up the awesome work. Chantal

  4. Ari Mendez says:

    Is there any way I can order this magazine from you? I’m very interested in it and I would like to order it and study from it. Is that possible?

    • says:

      Go to our homepage (www.ecmagazine.org) and click on the link on the left hand side that says: “order ec.” You can order an individual subscription and ec will be mailed to your house each month!

  5. cassi says:

    do you have or know of anything like ec but for young adults like 20s or young families?

  6. sydnie says:

    how do i get the password for ec’s fiction contest winner page?

  7. Bryan Denmon says:

    I would like to see about getting a subscription. How do I get one?

    • Mandy Crow says:

      You can call Customer Service at 800-458-2772 or order online at . We offer two ways to get a subscription: individual (just to you, delivered to your house) or bulk (several copies delivered to your church and distributed there). Hope that helps!

  8. says:

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