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March_2013_coverWe’d love to know your answer to our Question of the Month. And who knows? Maybe your response will appear in an upcoming issue of the magazine!

This month’s question:What’s your favorite way to serve others in your family, community, or church? Why?
Email us your answer! Or, you know, just leave it here in the comments!


  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, I never would have thought of that! Good Idea!

  2. Mandy Crow says:

    Nice one!

  3. Mandy Crow says:

    Yummy! Great idea!

  4. sydnie says:

    i prefer mint chocolate chip myself, but i’m all for the unlimited ice cream!!!!!

  5. sydnie says:

    this is my reply to march’s question of the month: my favorite worship song is grace like rain.

  6. Lynn Patty says:

    I really dont have a favorite song because they all are heart touching and god speaks to me through the praise and worship songs!!!!!!!!

  7. Sean Buck says:

    My favorite worship song is “Jesus Saves” by Jeremy Camp because it such a wonderful song to listen to because it is so true. Whenever I hear this song it makes me love Jesus even more.

  8. Melody says:

    Awakening by Chris Tomlin. It holds an amazing message and helps me remember what we’re here for.

  9. Christy says:

    I love “You’re Not Alone” by Meredith Andrews. I recently discovered it, and it really speaks to me.

  10. says:

    My favorite song is Ruin Me by Jeff Johnson, because it really asks God to just take over in your life, and show what he wants you to do.

  11. Harris Albritton says:

    My favorite worship song right now is probably Beautiful Things by Gungor. It is such a great song.

  12. Kimberly says:

    my favorite worship song is “Forever Reign” by Kristian Stanfill because the lyrics move me and challenge me. i love it!

  13. Shelby House says:

    Seeing You by Matt Tedman-actually the cover by the CGB. I love how personal it feels, the imagery of breathing God in and breathing out his praises. I feel like it’s a great thing to strive for, a great goal of eternal worship!

    • Shelby House says:

      I also really love The Motions by Matthew West. And You Are My Joy by David Crowder! AGHHH TOO MANY GREAT SONGS!

  14. says:

    My favorite worship song is ” Who am I?”. My 1st youth camp I went to (the summer of my 5th grade year) and this was the theme song, we sang it every time we met! ( except the 1st day cause the band forgot :) Now every timne I hear it, SO many memories come back :) old and new :)

  15. Lynsie Petersen says:

    My favorite worship song is currently a tie between “Here I am to Worship” by Jeremy Camp and “Thank You Lord” by Don Moen simply because they are reminders of what worship is. It’s not a song and it’s not asking for stuff. It’s focusing on God and thanking Him for all the blessing that we can and can’t see.
    “For all you given to me. For all the blessings I cannot see. Thank you, Lord”

  16. Brittany Reeder says:

    My favorite worship song is Revelation Song, because it just describes God in a way that everyone can understand. God is all powerful, and the Lamb that was slain for us.

  17. kaitlyn says:

    You are my All in all :) God calls me to be the best person i can possibly be:)

  18. Rachel says:

    My favorite worship song is “Your Great Name” by Natalie Grant. It just really embodies who Christ truly is and everything He has done, does, and will do for us.

  19. Hannah Baker says:

    I absoulutely love Kari Jobe’s “We Are”! after hearing that song it just made me feel better.

  20. Katie Crane says:

    I would celebrate the wonder and beauty of shoes! They’re kind of awesome!!!!!! I mean, they deserve a holiday because I don’t know what we’d do without them!!!!!!

  21. Christy says:

    Hardworking Student Day. It would also be a day off from school.

  22. Shelby Mulloy says:

    Who has had the biggest on me and why? My answer: My mom. I have always been with my mom. My dad always works all the time to put clothes on our backs, a roof on our heads, and food in our tummies! but my mom? She is always there for me in thick and thin. She knows what it is like to be a young woman in the world. She always cheers me on in whatever I do. I can trust my mom with a lot. I owe all I know to her. Sometimes she seems just like my best friend and not my mom. I just hope I can be as great a mother when I get older. I love my mom <3

  23. hannah says:

    My favorite way is to relate because its alot easier and also i like to pray for them and lift them up! When they feel down we have a special way to pray…one hand under and one on top. That way you’re lifting them up while they’re lifting you!

  24. says:

    To be there for them, pray for them, and relate to them! I always love helping people!

  25. says:

    I think my favorite way to encourage people is to write them a note, song, or poem, as well as pray with them. I’ve found that words can speak wonders!

  26. janet says:

    My favorite way to encourage is to listen. It always works, and if someone is really low after losing a game or failing an exam, i just hug them and listen to them. It always works :-)

  27. says:

    my favorite way to encourage someone is to sing them a song becuase i think songs can really touch and heal alot of people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Madison Holcomb says:

    My favorite way to encourage people is just telling them to pray about it, and let them know i’m praying too. i let them know i’m there for them no matter what, and if God wants it to happen it will. just simply being there to listen to someone can do amazing things when they need you.

  29. Heather says:

    my vacation to anywhere, i would go to Ireland, because i think it’s beautiful and it’s where my heritage is from.

  30. Taylor Martin says:

    I would go to Singapore only to ride the largest ferris wheel in the world! It’s over 500 feet!

  31. Rebecca, the Nerd says:

    I would like to train trip around America. Go to Niagera falls, Hollywood, and Las Vagas. If I could I’d like to take a train to the moon (I’m afraid of flying) or a train tO Londen for the Olympics. Hummmm Or even willy wonkas Chocalte factory! :) so many choices.

  32. Michael Stevens says:

    If i could go any where on vacation I would Choose to be with my family Camping Any where there is swimming and exploring the beautiful world and works of nature created by our God

  33. sara says:

    I want to go to Hawaii! All the pictures are beautiful.

  34. Evan Fleming says:

    I actually got back a couple of weeks ago from World Changers in Waco, TX, which was AWESOME! Through it, God showed me that there are needs all around me that I can help meet.




    to be born into my family

  37. Rachel says:

    To go back to the time when I wasn’t a Christian and change some of the things I did. Cuz they weren’t the best. And then I could be a light to my friends who weren’t Christians, that would be pretty cool.

  38. Madison says:

    If I could do one thing over again I would go back to a couple a months ago when I was at superwpw and started getting more connected with God because that was the best feeling of my life and I started to talk to him every night, get more in touch with his word. It was amazing.

    • Mandy Crow says:

      Well, you don’t have to go back in time to grow closer to Christ. Make time every day to spend focused on Him and His Word. Start praying again or more often, talking to Him every night like you were doing back then. Like any relationship, you have invest in your relationship with Christ! Get to know Him :)

  39. says:

    My favorite amusement park would probably be Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I LOVE THE TEA CUPS!

  40. Madison says:

    My favorite amusement park would probaly be Dixieland because its not big and crowed like sixflags and disneyworld. Its a perfect place to spend time with your family and have fun.

  41. Lindy Bustabad says:

    My favorite amusement park would HAVE to be Disneyworld. My family has taken a vacation there every year since my sister and I were very little. My dad grew up going to Disney and still has a special connection with the park, even now. I feel that Disney brings the child alive in all of us as we grow older, just as we should all be children of God.

  42. sydnie says:

    my favorite recent movie?: Captain America!!!! And I don’t know why :)

  43. Heather says:

    Hope Springs! Went and saw it with my sweet guy and the theatre was full of older people having a great time, laughing at all the jokes, understanding the hardships. It was a great movie and an unforgettable experience thanks to our local active elder community!

  44. Tiffany Q. says:

    I love to find a bible verse that sticks out to me during my QT and text it to them. Also, when I’m with them we pray together about the good, bad, and unknown. It encourages me in return.

  45. Erin says:

    always let them know I’m here and praying for them. And send them Bible verses randomly that could brighten their day!!

  46. Haley Franklin says:

    I love to encourage my friends by making them laugh, praying for them, and just having a good talk and good time with them! :)

  47. says:

    I love leading the congregation into a time of worship sunday morning on the drum set/percussion with the worship team! Its an honor to have been invited to the team. Theres nothing seeming the congregation praising God and knowing that you are serving them and apart of that.


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