Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Want to take a spiritual gifts inventory and begin to recognize and develop the gifts the Holy Spirit has given you?

Check out the PDF link below. ( You will need to view this file.)

Or visit: .


  1. Melissa Seibert says:

    I took the survey and my highest spiritual gifts are; faith – 23, giving – 23, service/helps – 22, mercy – 22, exhortation – 21, knowledge – 19, apostleship – 19, and hospitality – 19. What is it that I can do with that? I am completely lost. I don’t see how all of that fits together.

  2. ecartist says:

    Hi Melissa,
    This is a really good question. My answer…there’s really no way to know. God knows what your gifts are and how He wants to use you. What God calls you to on a daily basis is to follow Him and lift up the body of Christ wherever you see a need that you know you can fill. So, let’s say you’re an elbow. The elbow’s job is bending. He doesn’t need to bend all the time…just when the hand needs him to. In the same way, you probably encourage your friends, maybe host a Bible study or girls’ group, or are the one everyone asks when deciding how to plan a party. You see needs, or get an idea to do something, and you do what you’re good at. (He has made you good at certain things for a reason!) That’s being the elbow, and bending.

    Part of walking by faith is looking to see where you might be useful. We want you to know your gifts so you can be aware of areas you might be able to serve. All of your gifts don’t have to combine into one massive calling. They might, but…they might not. I’m an artist. My gifts are exhortation, discernment, and faith. Sometimes I use them at work, but it’s usually on a personal level. Does that mean God isn’t working? No…it just means what He asks of me maybe looks a little different than what I might think.

    Just remember you’ll be called to many things, people, and situations in your life. Knowing your gifts helps you become aware of how you can build up the Church. But you really never stop looking for ways to serve while you’re on this earth. It’s something he asks us to do as long as we are here. :)

    I hope this encourages you.

    - Jen

  3. Dennis Michael Perri says:

    God bless you and please do fasting and prayer also try not to eat and drink for day.

  4. Dennis Michael Perri says:

    Or more than one day by no eat and no drink water. Fasting and prayer.

  5. Brittany Reeder says:

    I’m not sure that’s healthy

  6. Kimberly Meg says:

    Melissa, being so close in so many areas might seem confusing. But, think about what those numbers really show. It means you are highly gifted in so many things :) . What a blessing that is!
    When I was living in a college dorm, my dorm sisters and I sat down for an activity that was really encouraging. We seperated into groups of 4. Then, of us took turns in the group telling every person the top 3 things we love about them. Hearing what others appreciated about me (some things I never thought people noticed) reassured me where I was able to serve others best. Sitting down and asking the people you love “What has made me a good friend? What has made me a good sister?” may help.

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